Lantern Magazine is a weekly PRINT poetry publication published through Cactus Press and based out of Montreal, Canada. We are interested in publishing both emerging and established writers from around the world.

A note from the editor: “Inspired by my time in Paris during 2013 where I got involved in the English writing community there with Spoken Word Paris and the Belleville Park Pages, I became inspired to restart Lantern Magazine. Originally active between 2006-2007 as a bi-annual publication, Lantern Magazine is now an experiment in ‘Poetry NOW!’ Publishing contemporary poetry weekly to represent immediacy of the present moment. If you’re tired of waiting 7 months or more for a response to your poetry submissions, Lantern Magazine is the place for you.”


Devon Gallant is the founder and publisher of Cactus Press as well as the author of 11 poetry chapbooks, including most recently ABRACADABRA. His work has previously appeared in CarouselMisunderstandings MagazineThe Belleville Park Pages, and Bitterzoet Magazine. His forthcoming project S(tars) & M(agnets) is a blend of shamanism, chaos magick, and concrete poetry.

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